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Smart Home Security with Automation

The smart home promises a futuristic home experience even when you’re far from home.


Enhance Your Lifestyle with Smart Home Solutions

Embrace the convenience and security of smart living with Militia Protection’s smart home solutions. Our state-of-the-art technology seamlessly integrates into your daily life, simplifying routines and enhancing home security. From automated climate control to intelligent lighting, experience a home that’s not only safer but smarter and more responsive to your needs.


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Advanced Z Wave Smart Door

Secure your home with our Z Wave smart door locks, offering both safety and convenience. These locks allow keyless entry and remote access, giving you control over who enters your home and when. Integrated with our security system, they provide an extra layer of protection and the convenience of managing access from anywhere, anytime.


Smart Z Wave Garage Door Module

Revolutionize how you use your garage with our Smart Z Wave Garage Door Module. This innovative solution offers remote control of your garage door, allowing you to open or close it from anywhere. It enhances security by notifying you of any unauthorized access, ensuring your garage, and by extension, your home remains secure.

Intelligent Climate Control with Z Wave Smart Thermostat

Experience the ultimate in home comfort with our Z Wave Smart Thermostat. This device enables you to control your home’s temperature remotely, ensuring energy efficiency and comfort. Program your preferences for different times of the day or control it on-the-go, making your home environment perfectly tailored to your lifestyle.


Eco-Friendly Z Wave Light Bulbs

Illuminate your home with our energy-efficient Z Wave Light Bulbs. These smart bulbs can be controlled remotely, allowing you to adjust lighting according to your mood or schedule. Their energy-efficient design not only reduces your carbon footprint but also lowers energy costs, making them an eco-friendly addition to your smart home.

Z Wave Repeater for Enhanced Signal Strength

Ensure uninterrupted connectivity in your smart home with our Z Wave Repeater. This device extends the range of your Z Wave network, ensuring all your smart devices stay connected and responsive. It’s an essential component for larger homes or areas with signal interference, keeping your smart home system efficient and reliable.

Z Wave repeater

Convenient Z Wave Light Switches

Convenience is the key, and saving electricity of course. The 2nd of four devices to help conserve energy and save money. The ability to turn on lights from in your home or business from mobile devices, and to even program lights to come on or go off at certain times of day. These smart switches can be set up for text notifications, given specific commands, have the capability of dimming, and can also tie to the Geo-Fencing feature of your home security system. Ask your security specialist for more details.

Geo-Services for Automated Home Management

Our Geo-Services take smart home automation to the next level. Using your location, these services automatically adjust your home’s systems, like lighting, heating, and security, as you come and go. This intuitive feature adds convenience, energy savings, and an extra layer of security, adapting your home to your lifestyle seamlessly.



High-Definition Commercial Cameras

Secure your business premises with our High-Definition Commercial Cameras. These powerful cameras offer crystal-clear video quality, ensuring detailed surveillance of your property. Ideal for various business settings, they provide enhanced security with features like motion detection and night vision, keeping your business safe around the clock.

Ip Cctv Camera
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MonoPrice 5Mp Bullet Ip security

Edge Panel with Built-in Alarm Monitoring

Futuristic Security with Our Next-Gen Monitoring Hub

Step into the future of home and business security with our Next-Gen Monitoring Hub. This hub is the cornerstone of our advanced security systems, offering unparalleled monitoring capabilities. Its sophisticated technology ensures real-time surveillance, rapid response, and seamless integration with all your security devices.

Next Generation Connectivity
Built In Glass
Panel Access point
S -Line Encrypted
Home Security Panel
5Mp panel Camera
Dual Path Connectivity
Bluetooth Disarming
Z - Wave plus