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Video Surveillance

Militia Protection’s cloud-managed video surveillance combines cloud storage, 24/7 health monitoring, and intelligent analytics to ensure footage is available when you need it most and can be easily found and shared.


A business surveillance solution for any application

With a full suite of NDAA-compliant,* commercial-grade camera options, businesses of any size can enjoy features and options such as varifocal lenses, 24/7 onboard or SVR recording, and exclusive software that turns these cameras into critical business tools. Looking to connect an existing video setup? Seamlessly integrate cameras that use ONVIF and VAPIX by Axis with the Militia Protection system using the Pro Series CSVR.

Depend on the newest camera technology

Reliably monitor your business at all times with our new NDAA compliant* Pro Series cameras. These state of the art cameras can improve your business operations with a wide range of intelligent features, including: 4MP HDR video, IR night vision, access to Business Activity Analytics and much more.


Track customer flow through your business

Business Activity Analytics is a better way to manage your business and protect your customers using your security cameras. Uncover actionable business insights that help manage customer flow, make informed decisions and optimize operations.


Proactively deter potential intruders

Accurately detect people and vehicles entering your property while ignoring unimportant motion like rain or shadows. Receive real-time alerts about after-hours access attempts or unexpected guests in prohibited areas, and stop intruders in their tracks with Perimeter Guard™ proactive defense.


Find video that matters

Instead of manually searching through hours of footage, search for important events. Then, jump straight to corresponding footage on your 24/7 video timeline.

24/7 video health monitoring

Ensure your cameras are online and recording, keep tabs on the number of days of storage you’re archiving, and confirm your camera views are unobstructed with video health reporting and alerts.

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OpenEye Cloud Connect

OpenEye, a subsidiary of, is a cloud-based video management platform designed for commercial properties. This platform seamlessly integrates access control and intrusion systems with OpenEye video, enabling users to easily move between interfaces and sync event data.

Third party camera support

Did you know you can integrate third-party cameras with your for Business account? This means you can install or use existing cameras while still getting the benefit and capabilities of the platform. Cameras using ONVIF and VAPIX by Axis will allow for seamless integrations with the Pro Series CSVR.

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The solution for every challenge


Arm or disarm your security panel, cancel false alarms and manage employee user codes.
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Ditch the DVR. View live and recorded video. Share footage as easily as sending a text.
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Stop worrying about keys. Use your phone to lock and unlock doors from anywhere.
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Control your thermostats and get alerts if temperature-sensitive areas are compromised.
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Multiple locations.
One view.

Learn more about how our Enterprise dashboard makes it easy to scale the energy-saving benefits of Militia Protection across tens, hundreds or thousands of business locations.