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One Platform for Multi-Location Management

Militia Protection’s Enterprise Dashboard is a single, intuitive interface for real-time management of intrusion, energy, door access, and video systems across multiple business locations.


Every location in a single view

Instead of managing locations separately, Militia Protection lets you organize them into a top-down hierarchy of groups. Global management of user codes, access permissions, and system settings quickly saves time and increases consistency.


Globalized user management

Manage user codes and access permissions across groups, in bulk, to save time and increase consistency across all locations.

Real-time control of every location

The Enterprise Dashboard gives you ultimate control of your alarm arming state, door locks and schedules, thermostat set points and more for all business locations.



Investigations, reporting and awareness

Query and filter up to 1 year of activity history in real time across all locations or selected groups of locations. Schedule reports to be automatically generated and sent to managers, including summaries of key information such as open/close times, access history, or walk-in freezer temperatures.


Multi-location video management

View live and recorded video from cameras across multiple locations from anywhere. Remotely export incident footage for sharing and easily view video system health and retention metrics.

The solution for every challenge


Arm or disarm your security panel, cancel false alarms and manage employee user codes.
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Ditch the DVR. View live and recorded video. Share footage as easily as sending a text.
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Stop worrying about keys. Use your phone to lock and unlock doors from anywhere.
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Control your thermostats and get alerts if temperature-sensitive areas are compromised.
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Multiple locations.
One view.

Learn more about how our Enterprise dashboard makes it easy to scale the energy-saving benefits of Militia Protection across tens, hundreds or thousands of business locations.